31st of July 2022

Benefit concert at the port of Badalona/Barcelona in favor of Ukrainian and Syrian refugees

14th of June 2022

Classical Music Summer Concert at Lutheran Church, Barcelona.

5th of May 2022

"Atlantis" - a project by architect and urban planner Léon Krier that was to become a meeting place and think-tank for people committed to the preservation of European culture. The chosen location was Tenerife. Léon Krier developed an exemplary model of a small town in the hills. Here a 3D reconstruction of the project. Video modeling and editing by Patrice Elmer. Music by Ralph Zurmühle.

21st of August 2020

Volksblatt News, Liechtenstein - Title: "A landscape painter with a wide range of sounds". From the review: "Zurmühle allows himself to delve deep into the tonal paint pots in order to paint intimate and meditative as well as vast, colored, spirited and emotional soundscapes, into which the listener can dive like into a warm lake at dusk." See full review here.

19th of August 2020

Live recording session at Little Big Beat Studios in cooperation with Tangente, Eschen/Liechtenstein. Watch the full concert with interview at JAZE.

March/April 2020

Night Series of 10 videos recorded during confinement of Covid-19 (featuring Guillaume Terrail performing "Farewell")